Nuclear war with Iran called off… unless Trump gets elected

Back in 2007 I predicted that France was going to nuke Iran – Bernard Kouchner, who was French Minister of foreign and European affairs during Sarkozy’s presidential reign, all but push the buton himself, he was so pissed off with Iran.  Luckily level heads held sway at UN security council meetings, with fellow permanent members Russia and China tellin him to chill out before they stuffed the diplomatic version of stinky rugby socks in his big, bitey gob.

Now at last Iran has agreed to play by  the rules (even with spitful swine like the USA, the UK and France stacking the deck against them – the British government apparently “regards the deal as a great opening to the Iranians, to include them in the world and make them a good neighbor“, regardless of the Israeli/American distrust that they are still exhibiting even as companies all round the world bid for a role in repairing and reconstructing Iran’s neglected infrastructure.  Iran has been treated as a pariah for 35 years, and was not allowed to sell its considerable oil reserve wealth.  Now it can, and those other pesky permanent UN security council members Russia and China are up for a contract or two.

The piece shows how much hypocrisy and spite is involved in UN politics.  Iran was given the cold shoulder because they felt giving internationaql observers unfettered access was a surrender of their sovereign rights.  Now they have done all that was asked of them… and the USA and Israel still don’t want to play fair.  If I was an Iranian politician I would tell the Israelis and Americans to go screw themselves.  There are plenty of companies ready to relieve Iran of its recently-unfrozen assets.  Fair play, Iran!  Now don’t do anything to scare Israel or the USA.  They say you should never corner a vicious wild animal or it’ll have your hand off.  Israel and the USA are the wild animals in this scenario – please don’t poke Iran with a pointy stick “just to see what happens”.  America loves confrontation and war – it wins elections for hawkish presidents – and if Donald Trump’s attack-wig is let off its leash some serious damage might ensue.  Come on, people of America: there’s been a lot of war in that region for far too long.  Don’t dig yourself a bigger hole.  For fuck’s sake!


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