Freepost address for the Conservative Party

If you want to contact the Conservative Party about anything, but didn’t want to buy a stamp for the letter (maybe because you don’t earn a living wage, or your benefits have been sanctioned…), fear not!  On Facebook I found a Freepost address so you can send mail to the Tories without worrying about the cost of postage.  You still have to provide writing paper and envelope yourself… but every little bit helps, doesn’t it?

The address is:

The Conservative Party
4 Matthew Parker Street

I haven’t actually tried it myself, as I only just discovered it.  I think it would be great if anyone who writes to the address reports the success or failure of their attempt; so if the Freepost no longer works I can edit this blog post accordingly.  Similarly, if anyone knows of other Freepost addresses, or 0800 phone numbers so we can call them for free, I’ll gladly add them to this post.  Information sets us free.  And there’s something extra satisfying about sending an actual letter through the post rather than emails, don’t you think?

Please don’t use this address to send the government any offensive or hate mail.  That would possibly be a crime, and in no way do I encourage you to do so!  Thanks.


Send the prime minister a letter today!  I’m sure Dave is looking forward to a robust conversation with the British electorate!

3 Responses to Freepost address for the Conservative Party

  1. The Old Punk says:

    Pretty certain this Freepost address is no longer in use (can’t find it anywhere on their website and the last legit mention seems to be around 2 years ago in relation to the 2014 budget).

    Mail sent to an out-of-date FP address is simply binned. Likewise anything bigger / heavier than a standard letter sent to a valid FP address.

  2. I hink I should have a refund on my kindle as I got it just a couple of weeks before you lowered the price

  3. Florence Robinson says:

    people from Brexit don’t want Tresa May if she wins people will turn away from conservative BIG time

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