Ooh ooh another quick post about Dredd (2012)

I just thought that anything about Dredd (2012) that doesn’t include Ma-Ma’s long fall to her death from the top of a Megablock while on Slo-Mo is not complete.  So here it is.  Poor Leana Headey – I hope her Game of Thrones death (if Cersei ever does die) is quicker… though it’s kinda hard to tell if Ma-Ma is actually enjoying this fall…

Also, shouldn’t Dredd have failed Anderson because she lost her gun?  She’s told right from the start that  losing her firearm would be an automatic fail.  And letting the computer-whiz kid walk – regardless of his bad treatment etc, he aided and abetted some pretty gruesome and unforgivable crimes… surely he should have got some cube time for that?  Don’t agree with me?  Then don’t suffer in silence… it’s been Web 2.0 since forever, douchebags – use the drokking Comments willya!

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One Response to Ooh ooh another quick post about Dredd (2012)

  1. el-totsira says:

    Thought I might finally comment on one of your posts (catapults me into the top ten most active commenters, doesn’t it?). My laptop is only just cooling down from watching Dredd (the Swedes lent me a copy), which I have seen before, but your earlier post reminded me of it.
    I have been thinking of what you said about the failing of Anderson and her letting the IT-kid go, and I fear I slightly disagree on both counts.
    First, I get the feeling that the assessment is just as much part of the training as the official training (I haven’t read the comics, though, so I can only base this on the film), meaning that it is more important for the assessed to learn from doing than to do it right at once. Also, Dredd is present and very near to Anderson at the moment that she loses control of her gun, so he is nearly as responsible for it as she is. Because of both points, and her excellent performance after saving Dredd, I think he is right in passing her.
    Second, the IT-kid isn’t really shown doing anything not under direct threat from Ma-ma, and he is not rewarded in any way for what he does (except Ma-ma sparing his life). Therefore she _made_ him do what he did, and any resistance from him would have cost him his life. I think that (at least under our current form of justice) he would not be responsible for what he did, meaning that Anderson is right in letting him go.
    Also, he seems to use Linux (he even traces Dredd’s call with nmap), so it’s hard not to sympathize with the fellow.

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