Sgt Blackman is a murderer! Fact!! (Not any more…)

UPDATE: Alexander Blackman’s murder conviction has been quashed, replaced with a conviction for manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.   So he’s not a murderer any more.  He’s a guy who shot an unarmed, badly wounded man, on purpose, but was ill at the time.  I don’t know how much difference that makes to the dead guy, but it means Blackman will be freed from jail much sooner than thought previously.

If you read the Guardian’s article on his appeal, check out the video: at the end you can clearly hear Blackman telling his comrades not to tell anyone about the shooting as it contravened the Geneva Convention.  Blackman knew the shooting was wrong just seconds after doing it.  Makes me think maybe he knew it was wrong when he helped the insurgent “shuffle off this mortal coil” (Blackman’s own words, also on the Guardian video).  But it wasn’t murder.  And that’s the main thing.  Right?

Marine Sergeant Blackman shot and killed a “fatally wounded” insurgent on a Britiah base in Afghanistan in 2011.  He was convicted of murder by a court martial and jailed accordingly. But now he’s up for appeal, and the usual suspects (Britain’s right-wing press, military big-wigs etc) are calling for him to be bailed until the appeal hearing. Also on his side is thriller author Frederick Forsyth, whoo donated a staggering £800,000 to his legal fund

Major General Holmes, who was director of all UK special forces, has offered a £50,000 guarantee for Sgt Blackman’s bail application lodged at the weekend.

He said: “I have supported Sgt Blackman’s cause since the outset.
“I am more than happy to help stand his bail so he can be reunited with his family.”

Even the judge at Sgt Blackman’s court martial said his offence is not one he would have committed at home – as if that makes any difference.  Many killers do their murdering away from home. And people are saying he is a man of integrity!


Sgt Blackman – who was known as “Marine A” at his court martial – is believed to be the only known British serviceman ever convicted of murder on a foreign battlefield.

A few facts.  The insurgent was wounded – “fatally wounded” according to the press, notice the quotation marks that make it clear this “fatally wounded” description is not an official description but just the spin the papers are putting on the story.  No doubt Blackman would have said he was putting the guy “out of his misery”.  But assisted suicide is illegal.  If I helped a loved one commit suicide, I would be convicted of murder and sent to prison for life.  If I “helped” an enemy to die, my life sentence would be considerably worse.

But because Blackman’s a “hero”, he can “help” people to commit suicide and near as damn it get away scot free?

Even when he was convicted of the murder, he was told he would serve just 10 years in prison – later reduced to 8 years.  This for killing a man who was on a British base, badly wounded, unarmed and posing no threat to anyone.

“But he was a terrorist,” I hear you cry.  “He deserved it.”

Well guess what.  To Al-Qaeda and ISIS, Western forces are terrorists and crusaders.  I’m not debating the rights and wrongs of that particular issue.  As far as I’m concerned, killing people you don’t know is wrong.  But it is especially wrong to laud this sergeant as a hero and try to get him out of jail.

Apparently his conviction may be changed to one of manslaughter due to “diminished responsibility”.  So we’re meant to believe he didn’t know what he was doing when he killed the badly wounded insurgent.  Even though he has previously said he did know what he was doing – putting the guy out of his misery.

Ex-SAS chief Major General Holmes is willing to offer £50,000 guarantee that, if Blackman is bailed, he will not do a runner.  If he gets bail, he’ll be “home for Christmas”; and the appeal won’t be heard until next summer or autumn – this convicted murderer will be out on the streets for 9 months, while other killers appealing against conviction stay locked up.  A great many murderers appeal.  Nearly all stay in prison until their appeal is heard.

A judge said this killing wouldn’t have happened if Blackman was at home.  I should hope not!  Surely Blackman doesn’t have firearms at home?

At best, Blackman’s actions could be viewed as “assisted suicide”.  And “assisted suicide” is classed as murder.  If a loving wife goes to jail for murder when she helps her terminally ill husband end it all, why should Blackman get special treatment for killing a stranger whom he hated?

When British forces go to war, there are rules of engagement.  Blackman ignored these rules and slew a helpless man.  If we are going to have laws, they must be applied equally, to everyone. Anything else is anarchy, which people keep telling me is the worst thing ever.

No bail for Blackman.  No change of conviction, charge, no reduction in sentence.  Blackman was a soldier, yes, but what he did was murder.


5 Responses to Sgt Blackman is a murderer! Fact!! (Not any more…)

  1. Gordon Buchan says:

    You my lad are a scum bag, Blackman watched as his men died on patrol, Blackman was a first responder as one of our troops was found well sorry his limbs were found tied in the trees, Blackman is a multi tour veteran a leader of men who got sick and tired of watching the idiotic rules of engagement get his men killed. Should Britain have rules of engagement? Of course but are the correct ones in place? Certainly not they have led to many unneeded deaths in recent wars. SGT Blackman is guilty of only refusing to let one of his men die when a mortally wounded terrorist pulls the pin on a grenade as they are known to do. Also please remember this man left his home to go fight British soldiers and to try keep the persecution of TRUE Afghans in place, this man has never been claimed, no one has come forward to claim this mans body or rights he was foreign to Afghan soil yet there to help keep Afghanistan in misery

  2. Gob Lok says:

    You disgraceful little cunt. People like u r the reason my country is shit. This man should never have gone to prison. Would the Taliban have patched our boy up if it was the other way round? No, they would have added his body parts to the tree. It’s war. Kill every last fucking one of them. And then fucking kill u.

  3. Martin X says:

    It’s interesting that I get called a “cunt” and a “scumbag” when all I’ve done is report the news. I didn’t try Sgt Blackman for murder – the CPS did that. And I didn’t find him guilty of murder – a jury did that. Maybe the commentators above think that the CPS and the jury should be killed too?

    My blog is called “I HATE HATE” for a reason. Cos I hate hate. If you want to drip your hatred for your fellow human beings all over the internet, please warn me first so I can put up my umbrella. PS Killing is bad. Even if you’re killing bad people. PPS Sgt Blackman is a convicted murderer. Go argue with the Appeals Court about it. IANAL, nor a judge.

    BTW please don’t take my response as a plea to stop commenting on my posts. I welcome ALL posts, whether they agree with me or not. Whether they say nice things about me or call me a scumbag cunt. In the UK we have a certain level of protection of freedom of speech. So let’s speak. But please don’t forget the fundamental here – Sgt Blackman is a convicted murderer.

  4. Wayne says:

    Everything you say is true, the soldier is a murderer, we have laws for a reason, if we act like these animals we are no better then the taliban, he know what he did, and he wanted it covered up by his troops, it was premeditated, whould they do the same to us?. Yes they whould, but that does not make it right, don’t let These guys who criticised you get to you as they seem to be of very low intelligence, if it was the other way round they whould be crying out for the death penalty, today was a bad day for British justice.

  5. Wayne says:

    Oh, by the way, when Gob Lok made a death threat against you I was surprised you didn’t go to the police, I would, to do it online in writing shows what a low IQ he has and probley a thug looking at his comment. Good luck with the web site.

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