RFC for new HTTP codes


HTTP error code, shamelessly borrowed from webopedia.com. Thanks Webopedia!!

I was watching some DEFCON talks on Youtube and came across a reference to an RFC for “a new series of HTTP status codes covering developer fouls”, the 7XX range.  Here are some examples:

701 – Meh

718 – I am not a teapot

721 – Known Unknowns

722 – Unknown Unknowns

725 – It works on my machine

726 – It’s a feature, not a bug

739 – Fucking Windows


771 – Cached for too long

772 – Not cached long enough

773 – Not cached at all

774 – Why was this cached?

775 – Out of cash

786 – Try it now

791 – The Internet shut down due to copyright restrictions

796 – Some DNS fuckery idno

797 – This is the last page of the Internet. Go back!

RFC is by and copyright of John Barton 2012-17, released under Creative Commons license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International


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