Not moving now! Stay here, everyone!


I said I was moving to But I’ve had a hell of a time trying to import m,y content from here, and there have been other problems, so for now I’m staying right here. The hosting here at is pretty problem-free at the user level. The techs and engineers probably run around like headless chickens to give me this experience of problem-free hosting. Cheers, techs and engineers! And it’s free!

Well, that’s it. I’m going nowhere, right now. So sit down and shut up!!


Aww what a sweet dog! Why don’t you buy her a coffee?

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We’re moving!



I’m currently moving this blog to a new address: Hopefully I’ll get the content and followers moved tonight. Bt for a bit I’ll be posting new content to the new address and the old url, Please change your bookmarks to the new address asap.!!Cheers!


I don’t just take photos you know…


I don't just take photos you know….

Linux Outlaws blog up (again)


Linux Outlaws, my favourite Free software-related podcast, has relaunched its blog, mainly so listeners to podcasts will be able to find out what’s what, when, where, why…  As Fab posts:

All important, official announcements from Sixgun Productions will get a post on this very blog from now on. These are things that most likely also benefit from a more wordy post than a 140 character Twitter message. Links to these posts will, of course, be shared on the above mentioned Twitter and Google+ accounts. Aside from important messages like that, there probably will not be a lot of other content on the blog at this time. Dan and myself are both pretty busy at the moment and the fact that I am writing all day in my day job usually means that when I am coming home at night the last thing I want to do is sit down at a keyboard to type more than 140 character blurbs. That being said, I’ll try to give you behind the scenes impressions and some other (hopefully) interesting tidbits where I can.

So if you want to keep up with podcasts (Linux Outlaws and Angels of Death right now, but you never know what the Sixgunners are gonna do next), check out – it’s already on my blogroll!

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