Too sick to work? Then starve! says DWP


That’s the message from Ian Duncan Smith, hater of the poor and vulnerable.  Him and his mates want to stop disabled and sick people from getting Employment Support Allowance.  He wants to put disabled and ill people to sign on and get JSA.  The stress the DWP put on unemployment could lead vulnerable people, like mentally-ill people, do do themselves harm, or even kill themselves!


There’s less than 24 hours to stop people who are too unwell to work being pushed into poverty. The government wants to cut a financial lifeline for ill and disabled people – called Employment Support Allowance (ESA). [1] Unless we act quickly to stop them, they could push these plans through tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the House of Lords will vote to either rubber stamp these plans, or send the government back to the drawing board.

Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson will carry an 80,000-strong petition into tomorrow’s vote, with the names of all of us who sign it. Don’t let the title and the double-barrelled name put you off, she’s one of the good guys (at the moment anyway) Please can you sign the petition now to pressure the Lords not to cut help for ill and disabled people?

Any one of us or our loved ones could fall seriously ill during our lifetimes. This benefit is there for those of us who are unlucky – it helps pay for a taxi home from chemotherapy, or a childminder during a stay in hospital.

Please stand up for fairness and support for anyone who’s too ill to work. It only takes 2 minutes to sign the petition – please can you add your name now to help carry it over 100,000?

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