I Hate Hate – the Google Images Results Part 1


Part One of an occasional series of hateful images.


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Hangin’ with the trombone…


Sousaphone hanging with trombone-resized

“Sousaphone hanging with trombone”

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Pic #1: A bunch of swans




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But the cops don’t lie…!


This comic strip is hilarious, yet a little too real… I used to think that only a complete idiot would fall for a trick like this, but there are lots of otherwise intelligent folk who honestly believe that the police aren’t allowed to lie! Frightening, isn’t it?

The strip (below) is from http://lawcollective.live.radicaldesigns.org/. And there is a lot more good stuff there, including advice on such topics as “Arrest and Questioning”, “Jail and Bail” and “Using a lawyer”. The site is rather USA-centric, but a lot of it is relevant to most Western countries. Police are police no matter where they’re from. Check it out – maybe you’re not a criminal right now, but you never know when the cops might decide to turn you into one!

(Here’s a link to the strip at the site, in case you have difficulty viewing it here… it’s reproduced pretty bloody small!)


Learnin’ stuff


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Dead Canoeist & Wife, happy in Panama City!



Here’s the photo that blew “dead canoeist” John Darwin’s amnesia story out of the water!

This photograph – reportedly discovered thanks to Google! – shows John Darwin and wife Anne, alive and smiling in Panama City on 14 July 2006… after Mr Darwin had “vanished” while canoeing, and his wife had collected on the life insurance!  WHOOPS!!

Anne Darwin yesterday said that her life had become a “nightmare” and admitted that the photograph showed her and her husband in an apartment they had just rented.

When she was confronted with the photograph she told the Daily Mirror who originally published the image: “Yes, that’s him. My sons will never forgive me.”

And neither will the UK courts!  Or the insurance company!

Spider girl of Bihar has arms and legs chopped off



This is an unusual girl – it’s Lakshmi, from a village in the north Indian state of Bihar. Well, she was unusual-looking; now she is recovering well after an operation to remove her extra arms and legs, according to the Guardian.

Lakshmi’s rare deformity – she had an extra set of arms and legs – was due to the fact that she was joined at the pelvis to a “parasitic twin” that stopped developing in the womb. The stronger fetus absorbed the arms, legs, and some organs from the other fetus.

In rural India, children with deformities are often considered to be reincarnated gods. Lakshmi is named after the four-armed Hindu goddess of wealth. Her parents have spent the past two years hiding the girl from superstitious neighbours, who alternately wanted to praise her as the incarnation of a deity and sell her to a circus.

Now, however, her ordeal is nearly over. Lakshmi still needs surgery for club feet. But the Spider Girl of Bihar is no more.


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