Nikon DSLR with Pentax lens…do I pwn Nikax photography or is it an epic fail?


For years I’ve been into taking photos.  I started with a Pentax  ME Super, got through a few of ’em, then got a Program A… eventually I got a Pentax autofocus camera, the SF7 (cost me pennies as film was on its way out), but as I had a bunch of manual focus lenses by then I couldn’t see any point in buying AF lenses so it may as well have been a MF camera… but, as I already said, film was on its way out, and going digital suited my finances and my machine-gun approach to photography made going digital a good idea.  But limited finances meant I got a Fujifilm S5700 bridge camera.  Which isn’t a good camera to go for if you go at it like me (though, to be fair, the s5700’s super-macro mode does produce some nifty close-ups…).

Anyway, I voiced my displeasure to a friend, who then bought me a used DSLR.  Great, huh?  And it is great. But (and it’s a big butt), she got me a Nikon D70. A nice camera for its age, and as I’m not a pro I’ve never much cared for the ridiculous number of megapixels you can get now.  But (cue the butt) it’s a Nikon, and I have a collection of Pentax glass.  Mostly prime lenses.  The D70 came with a 35-80mm zoom; but I have a 28mm (Sigma) lens, a 50mm f/1.7, a 135mm f/3.5, and (black sheep of the family?) 80-200mm Prinzflex f/4.5-5.6 zoom.  And extension tubes.  And a 35-80mm Pentax “kit lens” (I guess), that I found for sale for very little. The Nikon came with a 35-70mm zoom.  But I want to do stuff that the Nikon just cant do (I may not be a pro, but I am a keen amateur, y’know?

I know I could have traded in my Pentax lenses and got some Nikon glass.  But I had a wide range of optics, no way could I have got anything like that for Nikon.  I could have bought a Pentax DSLR, but the Nikon was free, and free stuph is grrreat!!  So, I decided to get an adaptor so I could fit Pentax K lenses to my Nikon body.  Unfortunately the adaptor has to include a lens in it to allow infinity focusing, but the adaptor wasn’t very expensive (thanks ebay!) so I went for it.  My photography has slowed right down, what with having the aperture wide open for focusing, then stepping down the aperture for the actual pic, plus checking the rear screen afterwards to check the exposure’s good… but it’s kinda like going back in time to when I first learnt to use a SLR, and the slower workflow might even result in better photos!

That extra bit of glass in the adaptor still worries me a bit: will it lead to softness or something in the end result?  I haven’t had the adaptor long enough to do any real comparisons yet, but I will… and I will bore you to death with the reslts of said experimentation!  In the meantime, here’s a photo I shot using the adaptor.  Let me have it in Comments: any good?  Should I stick with and/or buy myself a new(ish) camera?  I’d luuurrve some feedback please!


Geeses, shot with a Pentax MF lens on a Nikon D70 body. Nasty or nice? Pleeeze let me know what ya think!


Cheers, from Nikax Land!  Please don’t be mean, else I’ll cry and my make-up will run all over the interwebs!!


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Gwen’s Grave

Gwen's grave, St Nicholas' parish church, Warndon

Gwen’s grave, St Nicholas’ parish church, Warndon


No headstone yet.  But some pretty flowers.  Someone cared about Gwen.


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Pretty bluebells

Pretty bluebells

Pretty bluebells

If you like flowers, these are for you. If you don’t like flowers, they’re still for you. You don’t have to take them with you. But they’re nice, whatever you think.

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Happy New Year! (Yeah yeah I know it’s late…)


I haven’t posted anything for ages. Sorry, Faithful Reader. I haven’t done very much at all lately, my head hasn’t been in the right place. But don’t worry! I intend to do more stuff this year, especially photos (which are always popular for some reason) and fiction (not always so popular, but tsb: you will *learn* to love my writing).

But what I really want to give you is what *you* want. So use the Comments to tell me what you want and I’ll endeavour to deliver it. But don’t bother telling  me to fuck off: I may have been slow starting this year, but regulars should know by now, I always return! Especially now I have the WordPress app for my Android phone (which I’m using to post this)… No matter where I am, I can get to  you, moo-hoo ha-ha!

So, normal service will be resumed very soon. Be afraid… be *very* afraid!!!  😉

Oh, one other thing: You can now make a donation to the blog (beer vouchers, ho ho ho!) by clicking on the “Make A Donation” button below.  It will take you to a page where you can make donations, in increments of £2.  The page says you’re paying the money to something called “razorednight” – don’t worry, this isn’t some evil hacker syphoning off the money, razorednight is the name of the account I use for the purpose of donation collection.  So, if you want to make a donation, feel free.  It’ll help me continue with this blogging thing.  If you don’t want to donate, that’s cool too.  You selfish oaf!!!  😉

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free web stat – worth a visit?


Last time I was in my local Lidl supermarket, I picked up a leaflet all about their new online photo printing service, They print digital photos for you, on paper, canvas, greeting cards, mugs and mouse mats, photo-books and booklets – ie the same stuff other such online services do. But Lidl is one of those supermarkets that sell goods with unfamiliar names, usually not well-known brands in the UK but of very good quality, for strikingly low prices. So, does their photo printing service follow the same model?

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to embark on a price comparison (the Boots site seems to want me actually create an item before it’ll tell me the price, and I’m too busy right now to go through the motions of making, say, a photobook that I don’t actually want to buy, I just want prices). But maybe someone reading this has bought/is considering buying an item, and they could post price differences in Comments? If any reader wants to do that, I’ll be forever grateful. Saying that, Lidl is well-known for its cheap prices, so I reckon there’s a decent chance this will carry over to the photo-printing service.

I was happy to see that the “free desktop ordering software” is available for Linux as well as Mac and Windows. Nice that businesses are finally accepting that Linux exists. Linux users may not be as numerous as those of Windows or MacOS, but we are out there and we ain’t going away. Kudos to Lidl on this point alone.

When I have more time, I’ll make a more in-depth report and comparison. But for now, I’m saying: is out there. Check it out.

Incidentally: uses centimetres to describe image dimensions, while Boots Photo still uses inches. Bloody idiots, companies should either harmonize their measurement units or use both. But since they’re not doing that: I use a site to do the conversion for me, whether cm -> inch or inch -> cm. Very handy.



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A British Post Box



They don’t make them like this anymore. Usually now you just get a boring red metal canister on a pole on the corner of the road. I like taking photos of the prettier post boxes. In my filing cabinet I’ve got a pic of a real old fancy one outside Worcester Cathedral I did in 1998. In fact, I’ve got a whole bunch of nice pix I made in the late 1990s, all on slides. I’ll actually get round to having them digitized one day, then I’ll post them online so everyone can see them (yeah right, how many times have I said that in the past 13 years)!

I’m afraid I messed with this pic a little before I posted it here. Nothing major: it needed levelling n stuff. But I also used the Brightness-Contrast control to make it a bit more colourful. Please don’t his me in the face.

Possibly interesting fact that you might not know: that E II R script on the front means “Elizabeth II Regina”, or in English: Queen Elizabeth II. So we know it was made after 1952 (which was when Queen Liz was crowned).

More damn useful info: the Royal Mail (the company that gets the mail out of the boxes, sorts out where it’s gotta go then sticks it through your day the next day) separated from Parcelforce (the parcel delivery division) in 1990.

So there ya go: a pretty photo of a post box and some useful education on UK postal services. So now you won’t punish me for gimping up them bricks n stuff??

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Spider on the wall…


I thought you might like to have a peek (eeek!) of a spider I met while tidying up my patio after the ravages of winter.  It was a bloody monster, and I was somewhat relieved when I discovered it was camera-shy and crept off soon after.

The camera I used was a Fujifilm S5700 bridge camera which boasts 7 megapixels!  I bought it in 2007, and it’s still giving me much enjoyment.  It’s my close-up camera, as its “super macro” mode lets it focus on objects that are very nearly touching the lens!  I don’t think I got quite that close to Itsy-Bitsy (I’m not arachnophobic but they do make me a little queasy… plus I didn’t recognise this particular species, for all I knew it might have been a poisonous one-bite-and-yer-brown-bread kind of beast).  Luckily I survived the encounter, and here is a (reduced in size) copy of its mugshot.


Not being an arachnophile, I have no idea at all what this species is called.  If anyone reading this knows, please share your knowledge via Comments.  Inquiring Minds Need To Know!  🙂

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