Under the blasted tree the horse lies dead,
Its face upturned, eyes black with flies,
Nostrils and lips encrusted
With chitinous, rank coagulate.
The insects crawl on the lolling tongue;
Its belly bloated though two days past
It starved, ribcage protruding.
And here, there, the horse hair parts,
Skin and hidden layers uncoil
As maggots eat their way out
To the wider fly-blown world.

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Murmuration near Gretna, by Jim Duncan.  Borrowed from bbc.com

When Others observe our homeward commute
Pouring onto bus or train
And disgorged at the other end
Or, wrapped in our own steel boxes
Are funneled along our roads
Are we to Them as the murmurations of starlings
Twisting and wheeling in their skywide displays
Before the dark drives them
To their own nighttime roosts?

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When young we’d go
To the crackling, glowing canal
And scoop out buckets of frogspawn.
We poured the gloop into the old cracked fish tank
In the shed at the bottom of the garden
We watched the little black dots grow tails
And the tadpoles swim round in the goo.
Next formed the legs
Little black drumsticks pumping
Then the arms, double-elbowed
With seven hook-clawed fingers to each hand,
And the heads, eyes glowing,
Hinged mouth-parts, cutting edges
Serrated and keen.
Finally their tails dropped off,
Their wings inflated
And the frogs flew away
We’d see them up in trees
Or hanging in the air like dark party balloons
Eye-stalks scanning for kittens and rats
And the faces of babies
Carelessly left unwatched
Til mating season came round again
And they in turn
Went to the canal to spawn.

I look back at my childhood fondly,
recalling these innocent pleasures
before the cancer spawned in us,
leaving tumours like dark party balloons
caught in trees of bone.

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Conspiracy Theory

image stolen from Time.

image stolen from Time.


Osama bin Lay-den
Flayed n spayed n
Head in a cool box
Took to Obama
To smirk and jerk off
But president’s jizz
Is problematic
Remember the trouble
When Clinton wiped his dick
On Monica’s dress after their
“Non-sexual congress”?
So how is Obama
s’posed to tell the world his
Spunk’s in bin Lay-den’s beard, oh
You think that’ll win him votes?
OMG, a sure-fire no!
Obama’s best bet is
To drop bin Laden’s head in
The presidential secret locked
Waste-paper trash bin.
Kick that to one side then
On nation-wide live TV
Tell all the nodding sheep
“We dumped his ass in the sea.”
If some folk don’t buy it
Who gives a fuck? See
It’s just another
Con-spi-racy the-o-ry.

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