Child sex killer Dutroux to remain in jail


Marc Dutroux, the Beast of Belgium, kidnapped raped 6 children and murdered 4

Marc Dutroux, the Beast of Belgium, sentenced to “life imprisonment” for kidnapping and raping 6 young girls and murdering 4 of them, has had his appeal for “conditional release” refused. He claimed he was no longer a danger to the public, and under Belgian law, prisoners can be freed after serving 15 years of a life sentence if they are no longer considered a risk to the public. But in its ruling the court said there was an “absence of any prospect” that Dutroux could be reintegrated into society.

I’m shocked that Belgian law is so lax as to allow early release in this way. Thank goodness this particular court saw sense. But I am also troubled by allegations, made soon after Dutroux’s arrest but later swept under the carpet, that Dutroux was merely the “procurer” and “fall guy” for a network of pedophiles including influencial Belgian judges, prosecutors, politicians, businessmen… that aspect of the case has never been properly investigated, possibly because these influential pedophiles have “deterred” any proper police investigation.

So is Belgium run by a coterie of nonces? We’ll have to wait and see…

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Child sex killer Dutroux to be freed


Marc Dutroux, rapist and killer of children

Marc Dutroux, the Beast of Belgium, sent to prison in 2004 for “life” (45 years under Belgian law) for the kidnapping and rape of 6 girls and the murder of four of them, is asking for “conditional release”. In Belgium, a convict can apply for conditional release after serving a third of his sentence, including time served before sentencing. In August last year there were angry demonstrations when Dutroux’s ex-wife Michelle Martin, convicted as an accomplice, was given a conditional release after serving 16 years of a 30-year sentence She now lives in a convent.

Conditional release is a controversial in Belgium, There have been appeals for the European Court of Human Rights to stop this practice. If Dutroux is released he will be pretty much as free as anyone else. He would have to wear an electronic bracelet as part of the conditions, though it’s unclear how this bracelet would stop him from kidnapping, raping and murdering more children.

Dutroux has already displayed how untrustworthy he is – in 1998 he escaped from court during a hearing – but now he insists he poses no danger and deserves conditional freedom.

His own mother thinks that freeing her son would be a huge mistake. In an interview in the French newspaper le Soir, Jeanine Dutroux, 78, said she was “certain he will start again” if he was freed.

“Marc is not ready to be released because he is still trying to blame others for what he did. I am certain he will start again. He has no sense of reality. He’s a repeat offender in his soul, as he has already proven throughout his life.”

She added “Sooner or later he will be released, but I hope to be no longer in this world when that happens.”

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