Skynet has successfully infiltrated our houses via our children’s toys… now all we can do is await the inevitable near-extinction of the human race


Skynet’s gonna get you…

I found a bunch of old Meccano – the green and red stuff. Since then I bought a Meccano radio controlled vehicle set (with big chunky off-road-type wheels) and a couple of the “single model” kits (a bi-plane and a fork-lift truck) plus there’s loads of Meccano components on eBay. It’s an interesting pass-time, something I never got into as a kid (we were a Lego household).

I’ve seen robotic arms kits for sale before, but they always seemed a tad pricey for what they are. So I thought: Why not make one of my own with Meccano? So I did a bit of Googling and found this interesting blog article. It’s an old page (2008) and there aren’t any plans or parts lists. But there are a number of photos, from different angles which might help.

Anyway, I left a comment asking for plans etc (currently “awaiting moderation”), and hopefully the author will post some useful info. In the meantime I’m still googling for more info, so maybe some day soon you’ll find a post saying the robotic arm is complete! I’ll include instructions and a parts list, so you can emulate my achievement. But beware: this might be part of Skynet’s plan to exterminate the human race. Kids and hobbyists all round the world build robots… next thing you know they’ve got you on Chiron Beta Prime, working in the mines and being fed Soylent Green by our robot overlords I mean protectors. So if you embark on such a project, do what I do – keep your models locked up securely, far from any tools or other makeshift weapons. Otherwise you’ll be kicking yourself when you’re enslaved by your model (assuming you’re not already being kicked by a robotic leg…)!

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