MH370 “murder-suicide”?


The mystery of what happened to Malayian Airlines Flight 370 may be over: an aviation expert believes one of the pilots murdered his fellow pilot and the passengers before ditching deliberately in a murder-suicide.

For four years what happened to MH370 has been a mystery.  The plane took off from Kuala Lumpur at 12.41am on March 8, 2014,  but forty minutes later it vanished from radar.  It continued flying for six hours.  An international search effort tried to find any wreckage on the Indian Ocean bed but fond nothing.  But some wreckage was found off the East coast of Africa.

Larry Vance, a former investigator with the Transportation Safety Board Canada, examined detailed photos of the wreckage and believes it proves his theory that one of the pilots deliberately killed his colleague and everyone in the passenger cabin then crashed down into the ocean to commit suicide.

He claims that the flaps were down, which means the pilot was flying slowly before the crash.

Vance says: “If the flaps were down, then somebody would have had to have put them down, and they had to have put them down intentionally.”

Another expert, pilot and instructor Simon Hardy, believes the plane flew along  the Malaysian/Thai border, avoiding detection by air traffic control radar.  “If you were to commission me to make [a plane] disappear I would do exactly the same thing.”  And he thinks the pilot responsible was Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah.  The course took the plane over his home in Penang where he dipped a wing in farewell before taking the plane and its passengers over the Indian Ocean to their deaths.

The official verdict is that the plane crashed into the sea after running of fuel.  They think there is no proof to back the murder-suicide claim.  But there is nothing to explain why MH370 changed its course and crossed the ocean.

But Vance has an explanation: he thinks the pilot responsible crashed in the ocean far off-course because he did not want the plane to ever be found.

There have been a few cases of pilots deliberately crashing. EgyptAir Flight 990 in 1999, co-pilot Gamil el-Batouty crashed the plane killing 217 passengers.  And Andreas Lubitz, co-pilot of a Germanwings plane crashed into the Alps in 2015.

Still, it is very rare for this to happen.  We’ll have to wait for a comprehensive report on what actually happened.


Policeman with a piece of debris of MH370 on Indian Ocean island of Reunion Picture from

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