So all you want is bloody poetry huh?


I try to blog as often as I can.  But I’m really depressed that only my poems get Likes.  My political, cultural and other entries get next to no interest.  I’m not going to stop posting stuph about politics, culture, privacy, security and the other subjects that get me riled.  And the poetry of course (bread and circuses FFS).  I’d just be happier if my “serious” posts got more attention.

Also, even the poems get next-to-no Comments.  I need Comments so I can hopefully improve. Please please, poetry Likers, could you also Comment?  I’d really appreciate it.  Thanks for reading.

UPDATE: as of 18 April (day after posting) I’ve received two Likes: from anthonymize and Juansen Dizon.  Just general, click-the-Like-button likes, and no comments.  Likes please me, as I have an ego that enjoys beeing stroked; but the whole point of this post is that I want Comments too.  If you’re too shy to make Comments readable by everyone who visits the blog post, there’s a Contact Form button at the top of the page.  You can put your Comments there, abd if you want anonymity that’s what I’ll give you – your name etc will not be kept on record if that’s what you want.


Leave Comments, damn your eyes!

This blog isn’t an anthology of what I consider my best work.  I put works-in-progress here, meh stuph that I’d love to be reviewed and love to get Comments on.  So pleeeze! – if you have the time, write something in the Comments or Contact Form.  Comment on my blog, I’ll come look at your blog, if you have a blog of course, and if I can create a window in my already bursting bag of commitments.  That last bit is a joke of course.  But in all serious, Comment on me and I’ll Comment on yours.  Quid Pro Quo I think it’s called: washing each others’ backs.

Cheers, Martin X!

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Why don’t you love me any more?


Just checking out my blog’s visitor counter, and discovered a horrible truth: you don’t love me any more!

Oh Goddess, I'm so very very sad.  Why doesn't the internet love me any more?

Oh Goddess, I’m so very very sad. Why doesn’t the internet love me any more?

2013 was my best year. Thousands and thousands of visitors, so many it made my head spin (like that nice little girl in “The Exorcist”). But this year the stats have taken a dive. I still have regular visitors, but not as many as I used to. And drive-by hits have plunged. You seem to hate I HATE HATE!!! And I don’t know why

So, those few of you who still read my blog: please please please let me know through Comments or the Contact link, and tell me what I can do to win back my beloved users. Porn? Online gambling? Role-playing games in which you can be a hobbit, lightly toasted by a dragon for its supper? I’m open to all ideas. Well, maybe not all ideas; but you get my drift, yeah?c

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