Who’s this nonce?


Interpol have released this photo to the world’s media in an effort to identify the pedophile pictured.

The creep is wanted in connection with multiple instances of abuse of boys from South-East Asia.

So take a good look, and see if you can answer the question: Who is this nonce??

Gordon Brown pushes for cannabis reclassification


So get this: prime minister Gordon Brown wants cannabis to be reclassified as Class B again, even though his “experts” have advised him not to do it. What an ass!

Cannabis was a Class B drug in the UK for years, legally considered on a par with amphetamines for God’s sake! But in 2004, the government saw sense and reclassified it as Class C, the same as tranquillizers like Valium.

Unfortunately, some idiots in high places (no pun intended!) started to spread the story that “new”, “extra strong” strains of cannabis, for instance skunk, made users turn into schizophrenics. And other idiots, in the government, fell for the propaganda!

Brown called for an investigation into these claims. And now, even though his inquiry has concluded that the schizophrenia-link is bullshit, he’s determined to press ahead with the reclassification.

Some pro-prohibition voices have always criticized the declassification to Class C, on the grounds that people were confused by the law – apparently some people thought that dope had been legalized. Well, making cannabis Class B again is just going to confuse the issue more. And it will make the penalties for possession severe, when even the most harsh observers would agree that possession of cannabis is an honest-to-goodness victimless crime.

Oh, if you don’t agree with the government’s experts who have ruled out a link between cannabis use and schizophrenia, check out this study from psychiatrysource.com – its authors note that schizophrenics are more likely to smoke (tobacco or dope), but deny that smoking in any way causes schizophrenia. Schizophrenics just like smoking.

The government’s willingness to ignore its experts proves that its plan to reclassify cannabis as Class B is driven by political considerations, not medical reasons.  The government’s entire drugs policy is political, not medical, legal or societal.


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