Blog Copyleft Statement

I HATE HATE!!  (c) copyleft 2007-2018.  All rights reversed.

For some time now, I have licensed the contents of this blog under a vague “Copyleft” statement: you’ve been free to re-use and even modify my work as long as you’ve properly attributed the original work as belonging to me.

Unfortunately, vague licenses like that have been worth less than the electrical bits and bytes involved in typing this “non-license”.  So from today (Wed 13 Oct 2010) I have decided to license this blog under a little more formal agreement.  The licensing tems I have decided to use the Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivs 3.0 Unported.  What this means, in practice, is that anyone is free to reuse anything I have published in the blog, with a couple of provisos:

1. Attribution – If you use anything from this blog, you must give the original author (me) credit;

2. NoDerivs – You can’t alter, transfer or build upon this work (Well, not without my specific permission anyway – if you want to use it in a movie or something, get in touch – I might be amenable 😀 )

This is not because I think I am the big I AM.  I just believe in credit where credit’s due.  If I write something that someone thinks is worth reproducing, it’s only fair that future readers know where it came from.

None of this changes in any major way my original “Blog Copyleft Statement”.  I’ve just decided to couch it in a smattering of legalese.  Sorry, but that’s the way of the world nowadays.  There are plenty of folk out there on the interwebs who would gladly accept all the plaudits for something someone else has done (in fact, I have done this before – if you spot anything of yours on this blog that I haven’t got permission for, let me know and I’ll happily attribute or delete it).  So, now you have read this statement, you all know you must attribute anything here to me.  This is no biggie – I just want everyone to know where they stand.  I’m not going to demand payment for my work: just a little attribution is all I ask.  Oh, and it isn’t strictly demanded by the license, but it would be polite if you let me know if you’ve used my stuff.  So I can be big-headed and show my mates how successful I am.  :p

Creative Commons Licence
Content of I HATE HATE!!! is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

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