The best place to put comments and messages to me is in Comments.  That way, everyone gets to see it.  This is particularly relevant if you’re asking a question.  If you address a question to me privately and I don’t know the answer, that’ll be that.  But if it’s posted publicly in Comments, some other reader might know the answer.

But I know that sometimes you might want to address me in private.  If so, use the Contact Form below.  Your message willl be forwarded to my personal email account, which I check regularly.  I can’t promise that I’ll reply.  But I do try to.

Please include your email address.  Thanks!! 🙂

Oh, and a wee note to Anthony who contacted me via this Contact Form on Saturday 10 March. I tried to reply to you but my email could not be delivered – technical reading being:

The recipient server did not accept our requests to connect. Learn more at
[. (0): Illegal MX IP found and skipped]

I don’t know if you gave an incorrect email address or not. As I already said, I welcome feedback from my readers; but unfortunately I can’t get back to you: maybe double-check your email addy before clicking to send?

Anyway, I hope to hear from Anthony, and the rest of you rapscallions, soon. 🙂

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