a little bit about me…

I’m Martin X… not really, but my real name is a secret.  Which can be a right pain in the arse – when I need to fill in forms I just guess and hope for the best!  I’m interested in all sorts of stuff, so you’ll frind this blog to be a rather eclectic collection of trash and treasure.  Or should that be trash and trash?  Whatever…


17 Responses to a little bit about me…

  1. david says:

    I totally agree with you what next, they ( government) are goin to put up the drinking laws too? i expect so thanks for the info ps your non vote WILL count because imnot voting either

  2. Lauren says:

    Hello there! How are you? I hope you are doing well…My name is Lauren and I have a little corner that I like to call my own on Blogger, humorlypossible. I joined them around the 21st of this month in order to unload alot of the thoughts I have that may overwhelm Bob on Myspace…This Light vs. Dark balance is beginning to grow on me and I must say, I enjoy the power. I do realize that you are apart of the wordpress world and I think I am making history right now for contacting you in such a forward manner…*chuckle* however, I do enjoy your site and it seems like we may share some of the same views that sometimes come out in sarcastic fashions (WE know we mean it to come out this way, but the public doesn’t have to know about that now, do they?) Oh boy, have you seen the crap that has been going on lately in the world, especially with dumbbot BUSH? As I conclude this message, I want to bid you a good night and I hope to talk to you soon! Please send me a message and drop by my page sometime! – Lauren 🙂

  3. bibomedia says:


  4. Bethh says:

    Are you fit??


  5. t0p says:

    Am I fit? Hell yes!!

    What about you, Bethh? Are you a honey?? 😉

  6. Chris Edgell says:

    I noticed you again in the thread about what do we think about blogs. I clicked over here and scanned for quite a few minutes and do like all you say. I’ll be back.

  7. jane says:

    niciee x

  8. Ubunterooster says:

    Very nice site! I’m sure to be back.

  9. thatvampire says:

    r u fit ?????? everyone with a pulse is fit. to a vamplre ! with a swish of
    cloak ………..gone leaving only hysterical laughter

  10. Robert L Davis says:

    cool feels like listenig to br. radio in france during WW2 hard to get a bead on u if your invisible are r u fit ? catchy lingo i,m an older freak in canadud

    • Martin X says:

      Radio Free Europe, eh! Or should I say Radio Unfree Britain. I’m not that anonymous here really – my Martin X pseudonym may protect my true identity from some people, but an internet-savvy reader could probably unmask me if he wanted to waste a bit of time… and anyone “official” would have no problem, WordPress.com would, I imagine, tell them everything they know about me at the slightest whiff of a court order. And we all know how easy it is for the “authorities” to get a warrant nowadays. So, I’m only “invisible” to some people. Which is fine by me, I’d never dream of posting illegal content or inciting readers to do anything bad. And if I suddenly did become an evil super-villain, I certainly wouldn’t tell anyone on this blog!

      I’m probably an “older freak” too – it all depends on the age of the reader. But I won’t give any further clues as to my age here – I wouldn’t want to give the CIA any clue to who Martin X really is! 😉

      • guest says:

        no wonder you’re a coward who thinks he’s so great.

      • Martin X says:

        Oh come on guest, who’s the troll now? :p

      • Anonymous says:

        How ironic that you think that he’s a troll when you behave like one yourself. How you come off as being a troll is that you claim that all people are scum, which is very troll-ish.

        Honestly, do you bitch about everything that pisses you off? If that’s true, you won’t get far in life.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Another thing that I want to tell you, Martin, is that you’re hypocritical in that you claim be against hate but engage in the opposite of love by whining about stuff that you can’t stand. Pathetic. It’s like you’re an attention whore.

  12. bruh moment says:


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