But the cops don’t lie…!


This comic strip is hilarious, yet a little too real… I used to think that only a complete idiot would fall for a trick like this, but there are lots of otherwise intelligent folk who honestly believe that the police aren’t allowed to lie! Frightening, isn’t it?

The strip (below) is from http://lawcollective.live.radicaldesigns.org/. And there is a lot more good stuff there, including advice on such topics as “Arrest and Questioning”, “Jail and Bail” and “Using a lawyer”. The site is rather USA-centric, but a lot of it is relevant to most Western countries. Police are police no matter where they’re from. Check it out – maybe you’re not a criminal right now, but you never know when the cops might decide to turn you into one!

(Here’s a link to the strip at the site, in case you have difficulty viewing it here… it’s reproduced pretty bloody small!)


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