USA sponsors terrorism


So various characters in America are calling for Venezuela to be labelled “state sponsors of terrorism”. The Guardian reports:

U.S. lawmakers including Rep. Connie Mack and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, both Florida Republicans, have called for the State Department to add Venezuela to its list of terror sponsors, which currently includes North Korea, Iran, Syria, Sudan and Cuba. They have expressed concerns about what they call Chavez’s close ties to Colombia’s leftist rebels.

[. . .]

Asked whether Washington was seriously considering designating Venezuela as a state sponsor of terrorism, Rice said the U.S. was ready to respond if necessary.

“There is after all a U.N. obligation that all states have undertaken to do everything that they can to prevent terrorists from actively using their territory, from being engaged in terrorist financing,” Rice told reporters after a meeting with Brazilian leaders Thursday.

Chavez has been characteristically upbeat about it all, telling the USA that they can “shove” their list. He hasn’t admitted to funding the FARC, but it’s clear he doesn’t consider the Colombian rebels to be terrorists. After all, one man’s freedom fighter etc. But strangely, Chavez hasn’t pointed out the obvious fact – that the USA, for all its prissy attitude, is the biggest state sponsor of terrorism there is.

Who remembers the Contras, funded and armed with drug money by the US Government? I do. But that was ages ago.

Afghanistan wasn’t that long ago though. Osama bin Laden and his merry men were funded, armed and trained by the Americans. Don’t give me any of that “But they were fighting evil Soviet invaders” crap. When Al-Quaeda and the Taliban resist US invaders in Afghanistan or Iraq, they’re called terrorists. So the same rules apply when they’re battling other invaders.

In fact, the USA’s entire foreign policy for the past 7 years has been terroristic. America imposes its will on other countries through force of arms – through the threat of violence or through actual violence. Just cos the bombers and snipers chew gum and eat burgers, doesn’t make them any less terrorist than anyone else who gets up to such evil tricks.

Maybe you’ll bleat: “But the US are up front, they’re not sneaky and underhand in their carnage-causing!” As far as I can see, someone who uses remote-controlled drone planes and missiles to kill folk is as sneaky as they come.

And don’t tell me the Americans only kill “enemy combatants”. They take out plenty of civilians too. And they kidnap – Guantanamo, extraordinary rendition – and torture.

The USA doesn’t just sponsor terrorism – the USA commits terrorism.

Oh, before I go – on Wednesday President Bush accused the Venezuelan government of destabilizing, provocative behavior, saying “it has squandered its oil wealth in an effort to promote its hostile, anti-American vision.” Thing is, Venezuela got this wealth from… you guessed it, the USA. America is funding Venezuela’s anti-American hostility. And, if Chavez really is giving money to the FARC, that means America is sponsoring terrorism in Colombia too!! LMFAO!!


A mural of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez in Caracas.



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