Thank the Goddess I’m not a Palestinian – cos the Israeli “defence” forces are wiping them out!


First, a truly incomprehensible attack on innocent Jewish men, women and children, using the excuse there are a lot of Israelis “in danger” from “Palestine officials”.

Let’s examine the charges by Israeri concerning the “oh-so-dangerous Militants”:
Here’s the low-down on why Netenyahu is overseeing these brutality. The Israelis have state-of-the-art firearms, whereas the Palestinian community have virtually nothing left.

Sling vs helicopter gunships, automatic rifles, grenades, the rape of Palestinian women and children... how can any sane person see the Israeli response as proportional???

Sling vs helicopter gunships, automatic rifles, grenades, the rape of Palestinian women and children… how can any sane person see the Israeli response as proportional???

An example (thanks to the Guardian: after Palestinians allegedly killed in a terrorist attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, 2 PFLP suspects (note that word: suspects) killed “in retaliation by Israeli “security” forces. Netenyahu ordered the destruction of the homes of alleged suspects (no judicial oversight, no rule of law, Netenyahu decides these men did the attack, and not only killed the “suspects” but also ordered the demolishment of these so-called “suspects” homes. Was that proportionate action? Making families homeless, even though the people living there would have had no idea of what, if anything, the “suspects” may have been up to. This is not justice: it’s a bare-faced landgrab, designed to make Palestinian families homeless and leave the way clear for more Kibbutzin and other illegal “settlers”.

US leader Obama criticized the attack on the Synagogue, which killed four innocent people, including US citizens Aryeh Kupinsky, Cary William Levine, and Moshe Twersky, and injured several more. He said:

There is and can be no justification for such attacks against innocent civilians.

“The thoughts and prayers of the American people are with the victims and families of all those who were killed and injured in this horrific attack and in other recent violence. At sensitive moment, it is all the more important for Israeli and Palestinian leaders and ordinary citizens to work cooperatively together to lower tensions, reject violence and seek a path forward towards peace.”

So you can see, Obama deplores the attacks on the Jews in Synagogue, but didn’t make any mention of the fact that the families of the alleged killers have had their homes demolished. Isn’t there something in American society about the right for private, family life? Oops, I nearly forgot: Any provisions in the US constitution only apply to US citizens. Palestinians being forcibly removed from their homes is okay as far as Uncle Sam is concerned. Plus Israel is an important ally of the USA’s. Whereas the USA, like Israel, consider Palestinians to be the enemy. Even the children are viewed as terrorists-in-waiting. It’d be funny, if you didn’t realize it was about actual living human beings. Fucking Netanyahu, fucking Obama.

This is a public service announcement... with wrecking balls!!!

This is a public service announcement… with wrecking balls!!!

Why oh why doesn’t someone put an end to the Israeli’s war on innocents and its seizure of Palestinian property? Can someone explain to me: let’s assume one of the “suspects” did something wrong. Surely the suspect should be arrested and face a fair trial. But no, the “suspects” are killed, or tortured, or similarly disappeared. And an entire family is made homeless. Is this right? I’d love to hear a rational argument from pro-Israeli figures on this subject.

The Israeli government is despicable. Collective punishment, ghettoization, arrest and murder of innocent people. That’s the kind of crap the Nazis got up to. And now the Israelis are up to it. Makes me feel disgustingly sick. I hate the authorities in Israel, and I hate the Western powers (eg USA, UK, France) who support them. Leave the Palestinians alone FFS! Even the Nazis didn’t keep up their war of terror for this long!

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Jennifer Matthys – BNP’s own soft porn starlet!


Jennifer has been a nazi for a long time, having been groomed for the BNP and its leader and her father Nick Griffin. And here’s some crap so-called sexy shots of the mule!

If you want to hook up with the fascist, I think this is her facebook page – – but please please PLEASE don’t send her any nasty messages, ha ha ha!!!

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Coronation Street’s “Ken Barlow” sex-case trial begins


The latest television sex-case trial is underway, as William Roache, who’s played Coronation Street’s “Ken Barlow” since the soap began, stands trial for serious charges of sexual assault on under-age girls.

One alleged victim, now in her 60s, told Preston crown court how, when she was just 14 years old, in 1965.  She described how Roache  sexually assaulted her in the men’s toilet at the soap opera’s studios.  She said that he forced her to masturbate him, then asked for her address and wrote a letter asking her to write back “when you start school again”. On another encounter she claims he asked her when she would be 16 and whether she had ever had oral sex.

She first met Roache when she was taking part in a talent contest with a school friend. After the pair failed their audition, they decided to “explore” the studio complex, she said.  She met Roache, now 81, who invited her and her friend to his dressing room.  Then he took her into the corridor and “pulled” her into the men’s toilets. There, he put her hand on his penis and moved it up and down. At the time she did not understand  what was going on. “It was outside my experience. But I knew it was wrong. This might sound strange, but my main worry was that I was in the gents’ toilets. I was in the wrong place.”

Afterwards, she said she didn’t tell her friend what had happened and handed over her address to Roache when he asked for it. “I was on autopilot. I was bewildered,” she told the jury. “I was ashamed at what had happened.”

Several weeks later she received a signed photograph of Roache, along with a short letter, which was read to the jury. Signed “Bill xx”, it thanked her for her “marvellous letter” and asked her to write back “when you start school again.”  She didn’t understand because she hadn’t written a letter to him; but she later agreed to return to Granada Studios for a tour of the Coronation Street set.

After the tour she went for a drive in Roache’s car, and he turned the subject to oral sex: “He asked me if I had ever had ‘it’ in my mouth,” she told the court, explaining that she took that to be a penis, despite her sexual inexperience. “I said no. I had no concept of oral sex.”

She didn’t tell anyone what had happened despite knowing it was wrong. “I was a naive young girl,” she said. “I thought we were having a relationship, no matter how misguided and naive that might be.”

The woman said she went to the police last year after hearing that another woman had accused Roache of raping her in the 1960s when she was 15.

“I was concerned that the allegation should be taken seriously because I felt that I had information that suggested his inclinations were towards young girls.”

Roache denies all the allegations against him. The case continues.

So, another sex-case involving celebrities and under-age girls.  I wonder how many more child molesters have been getting away with this kind of crap.  And to think William Roache was one accused of being “boring”!  The more I read and hear, the more sickening it seems.  Fucking nonces.

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Peaches made me think: what do I actually know?


Mooching round the internet last night, going where the links take me, I discovered that Peaches Geldof had tweeted the names of the women who let Lostprophets singer Ian Watson molest (and attempted to rape!) their babies.  It’s a foul, incomprehensible thing that the mothers (and Watson) did.  And I’d like to know these women’s names, if I know them or might meet them.  But the law says their identities must not be revealed to the public for a good reason: to protect the victims, those babies.  Peaches tweeted their names anyway.

Okay, so apparently she deleted them later (probably after her lawyer explained the seriousness of what she’d done); but that’s no good, the horse has escaped the stable and has galloped halfway to John O’Groats by now.  Oh, and Peaches apologized  “for any offence caused”.  So that’s alright then?

Anyway, in her opinion piece in the Guardian, Marina Hyde refers to the case of “the idiot who famously sprayed ‘Paedo’ on the door of a Newport paediatrician in 2000.”  Now, I’ve heard of this story, but it’s always been embellished with gruesome detail: the paediatrician’s house was fire-bombed and he (she?) had to flee from a mob waving pitchforks and flaming torches. Marina Hyde offered a link to the story so I clicked it, interested to see what monstrous details this version of the story may mention.

The Link took me to a BBC News Wales piece whose writer actually quotes the paediatrician:

Paediatrician attacks ‘ignorant’ vandals

A hospital paediatrician has hit out at vandals who forced her to flee her home after apparently taking her job title to mean she was a paedophile.

South African-born Yvette Cloete – a 30-year-old trainee consultant at the Royal Gwent Hospital, Newport, south Wales – said she planned to move home after returning to find the outside of her property daubed with the words “paedo”.

She said she can not rule out the possibility that the paint attack was connected with her job at the hospital.

And that’s it, pretty much.  No firebombs or lynchings, no angry mob.  There’s even a photograph of her front door, captioned “The front door was daubed with yellow paint”.  But the door looks pretty red to me, Ms Cloete must have fixed it before the BBC got there.


I’m not saying that what happened to Ms Cloete was insignificant: to find the word “paedo” sprayed on your door would be pretty disturbing.  But the reported story is a hell of a lot less lurid than the versions I’d previously heard and read.

And this gets me thinking: what exactly do any of us know?  I don’t mean what we’ve heard or been told – what do we know?  Not very much really.  That’s something we should carry with us, so next time you hear a story you can reflect: so-and-so says this, somebody else says something else, and at the end of the day I still don’t know a thing.  Something to give us pause when we sit in judgement of others, or when others sit in judgement of us.



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Nonces, nonces everywhere – How many more ’70s TV stars will be nick-nicked for sex crimes?


Jim Davidson - nonce?
Jim Davidson – ’70s has-been arrested for sex crimes

Today, the racist comedian and ex-gameshow host Jim Davidson was arrested on suspicion of sex offences, as part as Operation Yewtree, the Metropolitan Police investigation into sex crimes stemming from allegations made against the dead 1970s TV entertainer Jimmy Savile and others.

The police also arrested a 53-year old man in Hampshire, which takes the total number of people arrested under Operation Yewtree to nine. Apparently these two arrests fall into what the investigators are calling the “other” category, which means they think Davidson and the un-named man did not commit offences with Jimmy Savile – these alleged perverts were sating their foul appetites without a Savile connection… which means popular entertainers were possibly committing foul acts even when they weren’t with the Jim’ll Fix It presenter.

Jim Davidson was a popular celebrity during the 1970s, with his racist jokes – often about “Chalky White”, a fictitious Jamaican idiot caricature. His TV acts were “toned down” (though still vile with their contempt and hatred for black people); but he was also busy on the live stand-up comedy where his acts were the kind of entertainment you might expect to find at a BNP club. One of his repeated jokes concerned coppers going around saying “nick-nick”… and now he’s been nick-nicked himself! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!!

Other ’70s figures arrested under Operation Yewtree include former pop star and famous child molestor Gary Glitter, comedian Freddie Starr, and “kiss-and-tell” publicist Max Clifford. I bet Clifford isn’t doing much “telling” about the “kissing” and whatever allegations have been against him! Looks like Clifford needs to find himself a good publicist!

Each new arrest makes it even more apparent how horrific it was behind the scenes at British television studios, celebrities with some kind of sense of entitlement, attacking vulnerable people while everyone around them covered it up. And let’s not forget the accusations made about Jimmy Savile: 450 people have made allegations against him, including 31 rapes – many of which apparently happened in hospitals where supposedly responsible health care professionals turned a blind eye, not wanting to kill the golden goose who brought in so much money from charity. Saint in public, sick abuser after dark: that’s the picture we’re getting of Sir Jimmy Savile, knighted for all the hard work he did destroying children’s lives.

When all the truth comes out – and it had better all come out, there’s no mood in the country for another feeble police whitewash – we will hopefully see not only how many entertainers were raping and abusing their fans, but also the officials at the BBC and the hospitals who knew what was going on but chose to let it happen. We cannot let the “establishment” get away with this. Even if some of those culpable are old and frail, we need to see them sentenced to long terms of imprisonment, just like aged Charlie Kray who was sent to jail even though he was very old and even though he was a victim of police entrapment. Sex offenses are amongst the most horrible of crimes – all involved need to be dealt with harshly.

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Child molestors really piss me off…


Just recently this blog has been getting Comments that consist of some inane crap and a link to sites that apparently contain child pornography – I say “apparently” because that’s what the sites’ titles say (eg “underage girls pix” and “lolitas”) – I haven’t actually visited any of these sites, and I urge everyone reading this blog to also stay  away from these pervert links.  I’ve been marking these Comments as spam as quick as I  can, but this still means the links are in my Comments for several hours or even days sometimes.

These Comments are getting past WordPress’s usually efficient spam detectors.  I think this is because the Comments are not being sent out en masse by spambots – I suspect that people are sitting at their computers, visiting as many blogs as they possibly can, and leaving the offending Comments.


So: please don’t give these beasts any oxygen by clicking on their links (you can often see it’s dodgy by hovering your mouse pointer over the link and reading its title); paedophiles, please piss off and peddle your filth elsewhere; and does anyone know of a method to delete the crap automagically?  I’m getting really sick of this.

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